Future an operation manual by Florence Gaub

I am a big fan of Florence Gaub and I have also become a huge fan of this book because it dispels our fears and helps us look to the future. Envisioning the future is a skill we have started to unlearn or not leverage as much anymore. That is what we need right now, perhaps more than ever before in the last few decades.

“The human being can imagine the future in such detail that he has the power to create it.” – Florence Gaub

Florence Gaub is a Franco-German researcher, security expert, and futurist focusing on foresight-based policy formation for international relations and security policy. She became Deputy Director of the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris in 2018, worked in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union and the Future Council of the World Economic Forum, and founded the Futurate Institute in 2022. Her book Future is about the challenges and opportunities of the future, explaining how political, technological and social developments shape our world and how we can prepare for them.

Back to the future! Where are we heading with the world?

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Back to the future with optimism! The Germans‘ view of the world situation and their own country has rarely been as clouded as it is now. Is this pessimism realistic? Or should we see the world in a much more positive light? Richard David Precht meets Florence Gaub to discuss exactly this—very interesting. Gaub also touches on many aspects of her book ‚Future‘ here. 

Investing in a better future

Surveys in Germany at the beginning of the year reveal that 83 percent of people are concerned about the future. On the other hand, more than half view their individual lives rather positively. The challenges and threats in the world have shaken people’s confidence in a positive future. However, the climate crisis, war scenarios, and uncertain economic situation mainly affect old Europe.

“The West is pessimistic about the future, but almost everywhere in the world, young people in particular are very positive about the future.” – Florence Gaub

Florence Gaub is convinced that the decisive factor for an optimistic view of the future is not so much the favourable prognosis, but the actual feeling of being able to influence the future. Is this lack of confidence a problem that affects the outdated society of the West more than the rest of the world? And are we even still prepared to invest in a better future? According to Gaub, changes sometimes have to hurt. And they are only occasionally available immediately; they require more enthusiasm for innovation and commitment – and less defeatism.

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