The impact game is here – ready to take action?

Are you looking for inspiration and curious to learn and explore the world of impact beyond your day-to-day? This may be something for you, then! The game promotes awareness of the social and ecological sustainability roles individuals and organisations can play. It uses the framework of B Corp to measure your business’s impact on 5 areas: Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers.

“The Impact game structures impact discussions and creates focus, by choosing and prioritising relevant fields of sustainability. Besides, topics receiving the most energy are being highlighted together with uncovering future potential.”

The game was first introduced to me during the B Leaders Training. Back then, we were a group of around 30 participants. I immediately liked the dynamic that the game created across the group. The game is the perfect starting point if you want to get familiar with successful actions taken by existing B Corps, as every card has a B Corp on its back representing a certain sustainability action or get started to think about the five impact areas and how they impact your business’s sustainability journey within a set timeframe.

*65 cards divided into 5 impact areas: Governance (purple), Environment (green), Workers (red), Community (yellow)and Customers (blue).

How to use it for your next workshop:

Participants will engage in conversation about perspectives and ideas of positive impact within and outside their organisation. When setting up the meeting, make sure to schedule two hours for the session. This will be enough to get started with at least one area per team and include a playback – and if time allows prioritisation. As a follow-up, you can prepare a roadmap to play back to the participants and ask for involvement and ownership.

*Blue cards representing questions around customer impact
*The flipside of each card shows a best practice of a selected B Corp Community championing in the field, e.g. SECRID in hiring people locally

As of now, the card game is available in Dutch and English. Templates and training options are available. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

About the Creators

Grooblue is an independent sustainability consultancy based in Amsterdam. At Grooblue, they believe that impact starts at the heart of organisations. Building a great place to grow starts by creating an impact organizational culture with a focus on people and the environment. All stakeholder play their roles in this journey. To accelerate this journey, Grooblue developed the Impact Game in collaboration with B Lab Europe.

Explore more of what Grooblue is doing: 

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